Local Delicacies

Pierre Soule, the local shepherd and neighbour will be delighted to share with you his knowledge of how he makes his cheeses (ewe, cow, mixture of both) and allow you to try some.
Pont Pourredon, Issor, 05 59 34 42 70 / 06 18 00 65 60

Local Deli Shop
Personal Favourite... Les Salaisons Michel Loge, Top quality produce, great choice and very popular with the locals. 
4 rue Abbe Menjou 64400 Bidos, 05 59 39 16 47

Organic meat
La Cooperative CELPA is a group of cow breeders who unite their efforts to offer you their organic beaf and veal meat directly from their farms of Bearn, Soule and Chalosse.
Jean-Claude Escarain, Quartier Lachegue, 64570 Arette, 05 59 88 92 41

At the foothills of the Pyrenees, where kiwi fruits and blue berrys got their noble letters, le Buffet de Mamie offers you its traditional choice of jams, a real delight...
Le Buffet de Mamie, C.A.T. Saint Pee, Av du 19 mars 1962, 64400 Oloron Sainte Marie, 05 59 39 80 68

Charly and the chocolate factory could actually have taken place in the quaint little town of Oloron Ste Marie. Indeed, often one can smells the delicious odour that lingers in the whole town... You'll find here the French Lindt factory that produces the famous and tasty "Pyreneens". Next to it are the factory shop and a small museum dedicated to this sweetie. A real "chocolat show"!
Lindt, Av du Marechal de Lattre de Tassigny, Oloron Ste Marie, 05 59 88 88 88

Le Russe
Le Russe is a famous pastry, "native" from Oloron Ste Marie. A heavenly confection made with almond paste, meringue and praline-butter cream, it is wonderful at desert with a sweet Jurançon wine. People are known to drive 100 miles to the Artigarrède pastry shop just to pick it up.
Maison Artigarrede, 1 place de la Cathédrale, Oloron, 0033 559 39 01 38.

Jurancon white wine makes its first steps in the History of France with king Henri IV. In 1553, the future King was baptised with a drop of Jurançon wine. The golden wine was then hailed as the "wine of the King and the King of wines"... It is produced on the hills of the Bearn, facing the Pyrenees. Click for more information about regional wines.
In his 7,5ha steep domain, Francis Gaillot has been continuing the tradition slowly gained by his family since the XVIth century. Visit and tasting from Monday Saturday 9-12 and 2-7.
Domaine Gaillot, Quartier Laquidée, 64360 Monein, 05 59 21 31 69

Oloron Sainte Marie: Friday morning
Aramits: Sunday
Bedous: Thursday
Buzy: Thursday morning
Arudy: Sunday morning
Laruns: Saturday morning