Near the Basque Country

Situated only 30 km away from the nearer Basque village, Les Chambres de Jeanne are a perfect location for a day trip to discover the famous Basque Country. 

In this rugby and surfing highly devoted place, the tradition is not folklore! The Basque themselves are a hardy and independent people who are upfront and direct when it comes to matters of importance. The culture encourages honesty and friendliness which is often seen in their welcoming hospitality.

Basque Games... Well known for their strength, dexterity and their competitive spirit, the Basque hold regular competitions in: tug-of-war, rock pulling, wood chopping, weight carrying and rock climbing. There are also war cry contests and talent shows. The favourite native sports, however, are the jai alai ball games and the corrida.

Fiesta!... Traditional fiestas are evidence that the culture remains intact and a way to share their heritage with visitors. Basque dancers and singers can be seen in all villages, each with their own dances and songs.

Cuisine with Character... The regional cuisine is also unlike anywhere else. Held in the highest esteem the Basque chefs and region have ardent admirers. Talented and good natured, the local chefs produce traditional and new cuisine wonders. The traditional seafood plates are exquisite and the nouvelle cuisine menus are absolute delights. The fresh local ingredients are a part of their secret, the other, the chefs who have kept alive the age old (patriarchal) gastronomic societies which are used to pass on and share cooking wisdom.