With your Family

You're here with your family and you all want to enjoy the region together? Well, get ready, the program is busy...

Les Sentiers d'Emilie
With their 25 easy walk itineraries, les Sentiers d'Emilie offers you the best way to discover the magnificent trails and paths of Bearn.
These top quality walks, lasting from one to two and a half hours, allow everyone; children, parents, grand-parents to enjoy the unique landscapes of Ossau, Aspe and Baretous valleys. Precise leaflets and maps are provided and are available in all Offices de Tourisme.

Le Petit Train d'Artouste
In the summer, this tiny railway provides an unforgettable trip. The Little Artouste Train trundles along its route high in the mountains. At more than 2000m altitude, it is one of the highest in Europe and was built in 1924 to take workers to the construction site of the hydro-electric dam at Lake Artouste. The diesel locomotives rattles along, high up the side of an untouched valley on a narrow gauge track for 10km and the route offers spectacular panoramic views over the Ossau Mountains and the Soussouéou valley.

Du Haut de Mon Arbre
An acrobatic circuit in the heart of the forest, for all the Tarzan and Robin Hood lovers. In the middle of a 2,5ha wood, you could think you're suddenly in a village hanging in the air... Platforms in chestnut trees, footbridges and monkey bridges, Tarzan lianas and Tyroliennes are waiting for you all to enjoy a relaxing moment up in the air. Tél: 06 82 65 66 71, 64490 Accous

Aventure Parc in Aramits 
You're all invited to experience an acrobatic circuit up in the branches and maybe discover the extreme sensations of bungee jumping! Tel: 05 59 34 64 79, Espace forêt-loisirs, 64570 Aramits

Asson Zoo
It is situated in the heart of the Nay plain, between the hills and the mountains. The site is exceptional for two reasons, not only because of its layout but also due to the vast amount of animals to be found there; Tigers, snow panthers, wolves, parrots, kangaroos, or even marmosets ... there are over 100 species waiting to meet you. 30 European programmes for endangered species have been developed at the zoo, providing visitors with the possibility of seeing protected and rare animals. Tel: 05 59 71 03 34

The Beret Museum
A French national symbol, the beret has been produced in Nay since the XVIIth century. It aims to show you the History of this famous little hat with animated old machines in a particularly well restored building. In the shop, you'll find berets of all shapes, colours and sizes, there will definitely be one for you! Place Saint Roch, 64800 Nay, Tel: 05 59 61 91 70,

Betharram Grottos
When he opened them in 1903, Leon Ross was probably not thinking in 2008 his great-grand-son Albert would keep on exploiting the Betharram grottos? The 220 000 visitors of 2007 don't stop these exceptional grottos to keep on growing at their own pace... one centimetre a century! Little train and boat go from "room" to "room" making them the most interesting grottos in France, with a special care for handicapped persons who can discover the superior part with special inclined plans.

Not to be missed
The Ossau Museum in Arudy, the vultures cliff in Aste-Béon as well as the Five Sense Valley in Laruns, a discovery-exhibition that makes you experience with hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell one of the most splendid Pyrenean valleys including its preserved Pyrenees National Park.