A dream town... It would be beautiful, charming, comfortable. Sporty and cultured. Dynamic and relaxing. To its doors, it'd have Countryside, Mountains and Ocean. Wanders, torrents, summits, and why not a microclimate. Palm trees, lemon trees, cactus. Palaces, a castle, lush parks, horses... old traditions, charm and projects.

It would be Pau. It is Pau. A tiny bit British and definitely from Bearn, proud of its past and comfortable in its present... Pau, the dream town.

Royal capital of Bearn and Navarre, nestled in parks and gardens, with breathtaking views of the Pyrenees, it is ideally located. Only 40 km away to the mountains and 100 to the ocean, some minutes away to the countryside, this "garden town" surrounded by wide parks is one of the most pleasant French towns.

Pau, English town through History, has always attracted tourists with its unique climate and its healing virtues, and still remains highly appreciated for its location and the quality of life it offers.

Dynamic town, Pau is well turned towards worldwide exchanges and regularly hosts international congress. Beside, its University and its top quality research laboratories welcome every year a growing number of foreign students.  

The Office du Tourisme is a must see place for those wanting to discover the different aspects of Pau. Interesting circuits are there to offer you a different view on History, Heritage, parks and unusual facts. That's where you'll also find information about big sport and cultural events: Pau Pays de Bearn Orchestra, Racecar Grands Prix, Tour de France and festivals all through the year.

Office de Tourisme de Pau
Place Royale
64000 Pau
Tél : 05 59 27 27 08